Lower Blood Sugar Naturally With Fruits

Stress can be caused by a variety of factors both outside the body and within.

To lower blood sugar naturally there are alternative solutions other than insulin or other man made drugs. Certain diets and lifestyle changes haven proven to lower blood sugar.

On a more serious note – if you do have an insulin problem such as low blood sugar, eating fruit is actually the worst thing you can do – natural or not natural, sugar is still sugar, and does not function differently in cases of insulin problems – it must be completely eliminated for a period of 3-6 months to see reversal in condition, and possibly a complete recovery from it.

The foods below are just examples of what people recommend, but these are not going to help you recover and stop the actual condition from getting worse. Instead they can accelerate the road the diabetes.


This common fruit is one of the most therapeutic of all fruits (for many different ailments) has demonstrated its effectiveness in the quest to lower blood sugar naturally. It has a very high pectin content which is a natural therapeutic ingredient concentrated in the inner portion of the rind and the pulp. It helps in the detoxification of the body by providing galacturonic acid required for the elimination of many toxic substances. This fruit decreases the body’s insulin requirements by almost 35 percent.



This fruit has major importance among citrus fruits because it is delicious and has been proven effective to lower blood sugar naturally. Many nutrition experts believe that it is an excellent food for diabetics and if consumed by more people more often, there would be much less people suffering from diabetes. To lower blood sugar naturally, this fruit should be eaten three times a day. Intake of starches, sweets and fats should be decreased. Two weeks of this grapefruit rich diet will decrease blood sugar levels in people not taking insulin.

Jambul Fruit

This fruit which is also known as rose apple is grown all over India. It contains anti-diabetic qualities. In India it is considered as a specific remedy against diabetes because of its helpful effect on the pancreas.

Substances in the seeds are believed to reduce the conversion of starch into sugar. The seeds are dried and then made into a powder, mixed in water and then consumed three or four times daily to lower blood sugar. This will also reduce excessive urination.