Natural Cures For Pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is a wonderful time where they get to experience the growth a new life inside their stomach along with a variety of less than pleasant symptoms. Morning sickness and heartburn are two of the most common pregnancy symptoms that women deal with throughout their pregnancy. Morning sickness on average lasts for the first three or four months of pregnancy while the body is getting used to everything that is going on inside of it. Once the morning sickness ends, women start to experience heart burn. While there are few things that can be done for either of these symptoms, women often rely on easy at home treatments and lifestyle changes to get them through until the fateful day when they meet their new bundle of joy.

For morning sickness it is first recommended that women make changes to their diet. Avoid anything that a potent smell such as coffee and garlic. Also avoid foods that will trigger an upset stomach such as those that are processed with lots of fat, sugars or spices. Eating smaller meals throughout the day is another way to help keep morning sickness at bay. As far as some at home cures for pregnancy symptoms go, you may want to start by seeing an acupuncture doctor. Acupuncture will work to sync the body and decrease symptoms. This ancient technique is used as a natural remedy for everything from helping people to quit smoking to loosing weight to saving pregnant women from unpleasant symptoms. Another important factor is to keep your stomach calm. You can do this by drinking green tea with either mint or ginger root in it. All of these solutions are also recommended as natural remedies for pregnancy heartburn.

When a women is pregnant their body is working overtime to help grow a human being while also keep the mother going. It is easy to feel fatigued or dizzy. Women should get plenty of rest and avoid long periods of time where they are standing or sitting. Prenatal yoga is one of the best things a women can do to keep her energy up and also combat the feelings of fatigue. It is critical that pregnant women keep themselves energized with short naps and energizing foods such as walnuts and almonds.

Rhodiola is another natural cure for pregnancy fatigue. This dietary supplement derived from the rhodiola plant can be taken in 100mg doses, twice per day, safely by pregnant women. Rhodiola will increase energy, mental alertness and memory.

Being pregnant is enough stress on the body without adding the common cold into the mix as well. Women who want to fight off colds while pregnant should use vitamin C as a natural remedy. This will help boost the immune system, keep the sinuses cleansed and alleviate muscle pains. Calcium and folic acid should also be taken to help fight leg cramps, backaches, headaches and help the baby grow. For recommended dosage of vitamins you should consult your primary care physician.