Natural Remedies for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unsightly for many women. They are a result of stretched skin that has broken its elasticity. Doctors claim that within stretch marks is a microscopic level of bleeding and inflammation that is impossible to see with the naked eye. Most often, stretch marks come as a result of weight gain or pregnancy. Once you have stretch marks, there are very few things you can use as a natural remedy.

As these marks are due to inflammation, stretch marks are simply damage on the skin which will heal once that microscopic bleeding and inflammation has stopped. Therefore, reducing inflammation and promoting skin growth should be on the top of the list.

However there are several preventative steps that you can take in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your body.

Coco Butter

Coco butter has long been known as one of the best remedies for stretch marks. Derived from the nutrients of the coco plant, this cream has a light chocolate scent. Women should rub coco butter on their entire body two to three times a day to help prevent the appearance of stretch marks. Many coco butter lotions are fortified with vitamin E, elastin and collagen that will help restore nutrients to the skin and cause the stretch mark to disappear.


Continual buffing of the skin will slowly sloth off layers of the skin. Stretch marks are only on the top layer of skin. Using a loofa with your favorite body wash or a sea salt or sugar scrub on a daily basis will carefully remove dead skin and leave radiant beautiful skin behind. This is also effective for treating scars marks on the body.


Silicone sheets are the new hot item for treating stretch marks after you already have them. The process is a bit tedious but the results are amazing. First, you will need a skin pin roller. This small tool has fine needles that poke holes into the skin to allow the repairing lotion to sink further in and offer the best results. You will bleed when using the roller. It should only be used once per week. Silicone sheets come in different shapes and varieties. They are reusable for anywhere from six weeks to six months depending on the company you choose to buy them from. Doctors recommend that patients keep silicone sheets on for at least eight hours at a time over stretch marks to experience a real difference. On average, patients show dramatic skin improvement within two months.

Stretch Mark Treatments

There are also a variety of organic, all natural remedies for stretch marks on the market today. In general, they combine all of the things you need to treat stretch marks, in a basic lotion form. These lotions are safe for people with allergies and can typically be found at a discount online. The main ingredient in stretch mark treatments is collagen which is expected to help increase the elasticity of the skin. Once the elasticity of the skin is restored it will start to heal itself from past scars and the lines will diminish all together. A complete regimen of scrubbing, buffing and lotion is essential for a natural remedy for stretch marks.