Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Sunburns are a painful condition where the skin receives to much exposure to ultra violet rays. You can get sunburn from natural sun as well as from tanning beds. The excessive radiation literally burns the top few layers of your skin resulting in redness, blisters and pain. Typically the first signs of a sunburn will show up within the first two to six hours while the full effects take 12 to 24 hours to manifest. It takes seven to ten days for the skin to fully begin to heal from a sunburn.

If your sunburn is exceptionally bad you will want to seek medical attention. However, for the average beach-goer who simply forgot to put on that extra layer of sunscreen, there are many effective natural remedies for dealing with sunburns.


If possible, obtain a fresh aloe plant when you have a sun burn. The plan can be cracked open to reveal a soothing cream inside that can be applied directly to the burnt area. Aloe naturally contains anti-inflammatory agents which help with the swelling and the pain while the moisturizing aspects will help prevent extensive skin peeling. It is important to be careful of imitation aloe in the store. There are many aloe vera gels and lotions that are not pure aloe for a sunburn. These substances are effective, but will not offer a substantial level of relief that is needed by most people who get a sunburn.


If possible, take an ice bath when you have a sunburn. At first, the cold water will help soothe the pain and irritation that comes along with a sunburn. It will also help close up the skins pores to keep moisture in. You can also lay on an ice pack or wrap the burned section with a cold towel. Wet down a towel completely and put it in the freezer to chill. Avoid using any warm or hot water when you have a sunburn. This will agitate the already sensitive tissue and cause even more pain. Also drink plenty of water to help replace the electrolytes that are lost due to the sunburn.


While it may be considered an old folk remedy, white vinegar is still considered a natural remedy for sunburns. Take a cotton ball and douse it in vinegar. Rub the entire effected area two to three times. Allow to dry. Repeat every few hours for the best effects.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil should be avoided on the skin in almost all cases. Tea tree oil is a neurotoxin and unfortunately is used for many skin conditions because of its anti-bacterial properties. However, natural and non-toxic are not synonymous. Neurotoxins absorb into the skin and can degenerate nerve tissue.