The Seven Best Foods to Keep your Teeth and Gums Healthy

There are many ways to help keep gums and teeth healthy – this post explores and studies the natural remedies for helping reverse any damage done to teeth, as well as maintaining beautiful looking gums and teeth.


The problem of why this occurs in the first place should first be tackled – as this is the root cause of all teeth problems (other than a few exceptions) – and this is understanding of how teeth maintenance works.

Teeth maintenance: This is like maintaining your sword, where you need to wipe it with a clean cloth once a day, everyday, to keep it’s life – this is the same concept you do with teeth – some people do not understand the importance of brushing your teeth, and this results in a lot of problems later in life.

What’s worse, teeth decay and other problems will make you look years older than your age – often something we ignore and just concentrate on things like skin glow/care and naturally thicken hair methods for looking younger – I mean seriously, I have never seen such a detailed list of hair growth methods in one article than in this.

Granted, a luscious thick head of hair that looks healthy does make you look younger, and possibly more beautiful (depending on the eye of the beholder I might add) – but bad teeth is often the first sign of how well a person cares for him/herself and that alone says something about them socially.

How do you care for teeth?

Well, here goes a list of the most powerful ways to reverse tooth decay, and/or improve teeth which are already doing fine:

  • Salt Brushing: Using sea salt, or ideally bamboo salt, is one powerful way to help teeth recover and renew themselves. Not only that, it reverses gum disease if brushed over the gum everyday.
  • Diet control: Eating a lot of sweet foods can cause teeth rot. This is common in the modern day, and being aware that tooth rot can occur from the foods you eat can help you avoid them when you are actually facing a problem.
  • Daily Brushing: Brushing teeth every day, without fail, using a new toothbrush (every 3 months) is the most powerful way – small consistent steps like this is the way to care for teeth.
  • Supplementing: Having enough nutrients in the body is also important. Everyone always thinks of calcium, but they forget that 50% of bone is made of collagen, and that if we supplement from beef based collagen it will be best absorbed, and bioavailable for the body to use.